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Commonly Asked Questions

How can I find out my due date?

To find out your due date you can use a pregnancy ovulation calculator such as

How much does maternity care cost?

Pregnancy care is free to all New Zealand Citizens and Residents.

It is also available to people with long term work permits and their spouses. Check with us to see if you are eligible.

What does a Midwife or Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) do?

Midwifery care is the provision of knowledge, advice, care and support to women and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth and the early weeks following birth; an LMC coordinates all of your pregnancy, labour, birth, and postnatal care.

We meet you regularly during your pregnancy, attend your labour and birth, and see you at home until your baby 4- 6 weeks old.

We organise tests and screening and coordinate any referrals you may want or need.

Examples of tests are:

– Blood tests
– Ultrasound scans
– Swabs

Examples of referrals are:
– Obstetricians
– General Practitioners
– Paediatricians
– Social Workers
– Smoke free Services

Your midwife or Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) is your first person to contact with questions or issues regarding your pregnancy.

They (or their backup team) are available 24hrs a day for emergencies or urgent issues, or during normal working hours for normal enquiries.

How do I choose a midwife?

Often our midwives will be recommended by former clients, but it is important that you choose a midwife that you feel comfortable with.

Any of the midwives at Art Deco Midwives are happy to meet with you to explain your options and to answer any questions you may have.

Where do you attend births?

We attend births at home, the primary birthing unit Waioha and Ata Rangi Delivery Suite Hastings.

Our midwives have experience in both home and hospital births, including waterbirth. We have access agreements with all maternity facilities in Hastings.

Details about maternity facilities can be found on the following websites:

Ata Rangi

Where are your maternity clinics?

Our midwives work from several locations in Napier, see enquiry page for more information about where they are based.

How long and how many visits do you offer?

Visits are usually 30-60 minutes with the exception of booking visits.

A comprehensive booking appointment
Monthly visits until 28 weeks of pregnancy
Fortnightly visits until 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Weekly visits until you have your baby
Daily home visits in the first few days after birth.

Weekly home visits until your baby is 4-6 weeks old.

What is your back-up support system?

Art Deco Midwives work together to provide back-up midwifery care for our clients when we are off call, out of range or attending another birth.

You are welcome to meet your main back up midwife during your pregnancy, and may meet other midwives if you would like to.

If your own midwife is not available (off-call or out of range) you can contact your back-up midwife in the first instance or another midwife.

We provide close collegial support and for safety we also provide backup care at births if your main midwife is fatigued.

We have weekly meetings to keep in contact and up to date with each other’s case loads, so that we can provide optimal continuity of care for you.

Off call: What does it mean for us and for you?

In midwifery it’s usual for your midwife to have a break just like other employees so that we can rest and spend time with our families. We call this situation being “off call”.

Midwives can often work long hours so “off call” time is essential for us to recuperate and be able to provide you with high quality care. Imagine if you were unable to rest and worked without a break, you wouldn’t be on top form!

On a few occasions a birth will coincide with a midwife’s “off call” time and in these circumstances usually her backup midwife or another practice midwife will attend. This means that it is sometimes inevitable that a few people will not birth with their chosen midwife.

We realise this is not always what you envisage or plan for, but we ask that you consider this scenario and also for your understanding if this does happen. If you would like to meet with your backup midwife, just ask your own midwife about this.

We deeply care about our client’s level of care, and we ask that clients respect our own self-care and that we have lives and families outside of our work, just like you do. “Off call” time means that we can do our best for you and your baby when we are on call.